Smiles, looks, whispers, stares, smirks and more is what you experience on your first day of school. This campaign tells the story of what goes on through your mind that first day when you take that walk to the school‘s entrance. The campaign was created as a social media and live experience where real kids and their parents got the chance to be part of the fashion show and it elements by being models and families attending the show alongside influencers, fashionistas, bloggers and fashion photographers. Conceptually the experience was going to be not only the source for TV material but also was going to be actual online shopping catalog. We were going to allow the shoppers to freeze, pan, explore, scroll and choose size and color all on the actual video. You would then have the ability to add them to your cart and checkout; all in the same place.

Cinema 60 sec

TV 30 sec

Pre-roll 15 sec

Online Campaign

Other elements