Social & Digital Content

Sometimes you have to be fast and react and others you get the time to plan & execute. But what is for sure to be true is that in Social and Digital media there is no exact formula or way to tackle it, each assignment is unique and different.

Below are some campaigns that I have had the privilege to be involved in specifically made for social media.

(I have been able to help lead projects from under 15k and 2 weeks to execute to over 200k and a complex roll out calendar)

MTV Tr3s - Descubre & Download

This initiative started as an online platform for MTV Tr3s. We would showcase new and upcoming artists with an interview and a music video of a song available as a free download online. It started as a 100% channel funded initiative that grew into a revenue generating segment and eventually even gain on-air presence in the channel.

Debi Nova

Karina Pasian 

Franco El Gorilla



This was a Facebook Black Friday campaign that included a sale, coupon and CTA. It was created, approved and shot in a space of 3 weeks. Produced it and shot by my partner and me. It excelled expectations and sales by more than double and registered a high level of engagement on impressions, actions and views. See below for metrics.


Sales from our Spanish language coupon were $46.6K. With an average basket of $82.14.

MTV Choose or loose

These were a series of online videos with musicians and social activists Calle 13 to These were a series of online videos with musicians and social activists Calle 13 to promote and encourage young people to participate and vote in the elections and don’t be just a silent bystander. This became Choose or Loose most successful campaign to date as it registered the 2008 election as the one with the biggest younger vote turn out of the last 50 years.